Could the "unnamed phone company" simply make the claim that the phone isn't their property any more? I'm not about to help the police by giving them a key to a house I owned last year, just they want to arrest the new owner. It's not my house, you figure out how to break down the door. » 11/27/14 1:41pm Yesterday 1:41pm

There are no markings on the curb and the car wasn't in front of the driveway. Unless there is a sign that isn't visible and if our Australian jalops have some other knowledge of parking down under that I don't have... I don't see how this is a bad parking job. » 11/26/14 2:04pm Wednesday 2:04pm

I think my worry if I was the F1 driver, would have been the truck getting squirrely on the landing. I notice that he cleared way left. I think I would have found a new appreciation for the right pedal, as well. » 11/21/14 3:42pm 11/21/14 3:42pm

As others have said, I don't like the look of it but, given the amount of night driving in terrible environments that I do throughout the winter, I love the bar that's in the grill of my truck. It lights up the night like a portable sun. It's saved me from unseen critters, washed out creek beds, big debris in the… » 11/20/14 5:52pm 11/20/14 5:52pm