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I hit a car on the way to my road test. Ooops. We didn't have a DMV in our town so with my mom I drove our old Volvo to the next town for my test. We had about an hour to kill so we went to the mall to get some lunch. When I backed out of the parking stall (to go take my road test) I turned too early and creased the… » 8/20/14 12:05pm Today 12:05pm

Not quite. The car is registered in Jackson's name, it's insured in his name. It's his car. Leasing isn't renting. It's financing the ownership of an asset with a predetermined end-of-contract value. » 8/19/14 12:39pm Yesterday 12:39pm

Friend of mine has one of these, in this very colour. Pictures don't do it justice. It's wider that it appears in pics, growly-er than you'd imagine, and wickedly quick through corners. It just exudes solid build-quality. I love this car. » 8/19/14 12:28pm Yesterday 12:28pm

Well said. My kids go to an inner city, middle school (while we live in the burbs) for two reasons: A) it's the only late-immersion French program in the district and more importantly B) they go to school with kids from all over the world, from different economic backgrounds, and who speak different languages, who… » 8/08/14 2:12pm 8/08/14 2:12pm

I cannot get the car I want. I want a brown Targa with Fuchs-style wheels. When I was a kid in the 80s there was a brown 911 Targa with Fuchs wheels that lived down the street from me. It was kind of clapped out but I still thought it was the cat's ass. I'd love a modern incarnation of that car. » 8/06/14 3:37pm 8/06/14 3:37pm

How sure are we on this? Microwaves work by exciting water molecules. Removing the magnetron wouldn't change its function, would it? I'm thinking that the exploding stereo is bullshit? A) there's no contained water inside the stereo that would get heated to the point where it could create enough pressure to explode… » 7/29/14 5:52pm 7/29/14 5:52pm

I know that without a signed media release you have not given consent to broadcast or use of your image. You may have consented to the act and to filming your adventures. But media releases are taken seriously enough that you would have a case if your image was broadcast without your expressed written consent. » 7/23/14 1:02pm 7/23/14 1:02pm