How about Richard Petty’s 1967 Plymouth Satellite. In one season “1967 was a milestone year. In that year, Petty won 27 of the 48 races he entered, including a record 10 wins in a row (between August 12 and October 1, 1967).” Has a single-season feat like that been repeated? #notanascarguy » 4/17/15 11:38am Yesterday 11:38am

Damon, hate to tell you this: The car uses a modified Maserati platform and powertrain (Maserati 4200, GranTurismo) and features a Ferrari/Maseratiderived 90-degree cross-plane[13] wet sump[14] lubricated 4.7-litre V8 assembled by Ferrari.[3] The top engine performance figures may be summarized as a maximum power of… » 4/16/15 4:33pm Thursday 4:33pm

You know what I want in an airliner seat? The window. That’s all. I get on the plane, buckle my seat belt, put on my iPod, lean against the window frame, and fall asleep prior to taxiing. I wake up when we land and GTF off the plane. » 4/15/15 5:57pm Wednesday 5:57pm

I'll advise him for free. I like him. He's a refreshing change from anarchist wannabes and Occupy Fucktards. He's got a good message and a delivery you can dance to. Ill give him an 8/10. » 4/15/15 3:55pm Wednesday 3:55pm

They run these things on a bi-weekly weekend series of events in a small town to the SW of the City. It's damned good fun. You have to put up with lot of Red Necks and intolerance (you hear the word Fag used in anger a lot). But on the whole, the noise and mud, and food makes it worth going to at least once. » 4/15/15 1:05pm Wednesday 1:05pm

About the most inefficient thing you can do with petroleum is burn it in an ICE. Also, hydroelectric, solar (which I have at home), wind, have no emissions. If I plug an electric car into my house power (which I may invest in in the next few years) then my DD is emissions free. » 4/15/15 12:45pm Wednesday 12:45pm

At 45 knots (84 km/h, 52 mph) it’s not the fastest boat in the world. However, a Canadian Coast Guard Zodiac Hurricane 733 in heavy seas is the ultimate in feeling fast. Anybody who gets the chance to attend RHIOT training should totally go. I’ve spent summers in Bamfield and these little boats are incredible.… » 4/14/15 1:15pm Tuesday 1:15pm